Services Available

Services Available

For Recognized Student Organizations many of the University’s services become available through the organization’s SOFS account. These services are listed below.

Audio-visual library and services: Films, slide projectors, VCR’s, movie projectors and operators, and video tape language translation program.

Data processing and computer center: Mailing lists, labels, vote tabulations and IBM cards.

Mail and Distribution services: Freight and package receipt and delivery, quantity mailing of properly prepared mail through the University meter.

Photography Services: Photographic productions for special events, portraits, group pictures, prints, supplies in quantity, art services and posters.

Printing services: Letters, envelopes, stationary, pamphlets, invitations, membership cards, award certificates, brochures, tickets and copy services.

Telecommunications: Telephone installations, WATS line usage for long distances (strictly limited).

NU Police: Off-duty officers for event security.

In order to access the above University services, the organization’s president, treasurer or adviser must contact the SOFS Office for appropriate billing information. A requisition may be obtained at the SOFS Office countersigned by SOFS staff approving the charge for the service.

This UNL internal charge for the service will be made against the SOFS general student organization charge account, usually referred to as the "X-account", which is a SOFS account in the University’s Accounting Department. SOFS will in turn deduct the amount from the respective organization’s account.

Since billing is delayed, it is important that an approximate cost for these services be obtained at the time of procurement. The treasurer must consider this amount as an encumbrance against the organization’s account to allow for adequate funds to cover the bill when it arrives. When the department has completed the job or filled the order, the organization will see the charge on their monthly statement. The SOFS Office maintains a hard copy backup of the internal charge. SOFS reserves the right to place an encumbrance on any account because of outstanding requisitions.