All raffles must be registered with the Student Involvement Office. This is to ensure that students are informed about state laws regulating raffles. Each student organization must file a completed Event Planning and Registration Form (EPR) and Raffle Authorization Form with all required signatures before ordering or selling raffle tickets.

State Law

According to state law, all raffle proceeds must go to a charitable organization or be used for community betterment purposes such as donations, scholarships, speakers, etc. The law states that gross proceeds must not exceed $5,000.00 and that gross proceeds may be used solely for charitable or community betterment purposes, awarding of prizes to participants and operating costs. To qualify for a raffle, 100 percent of the prizes to be awarded must be merchandise prizes not redeemable for cash.

Additional Raffle Regulations

Raffle regulations include Ticket Regulations, Pre-Sale Audit, Post-Drawing Regulations and other requirements based on the particular aspects of a given raffle. For the most current detailed information contact Student Involvement or the City SOFS Office.